• Chris Smith

    Chris Smith

    Writing productivity coach and co-founder of Prolifiko. https://prolifiko.com/

  • Gillian Duce

    Gillian Duce

    Author and Philosophical Poet.

  • Lisa Romeo

    Lisa Romeo

    Author of the memoir, Starting with Goodbye (Univ. Nevada Press, 2018) http://bit.ly/SWG-LR . Professor, Bay Path MFA. Freelance writer. Editor. Writing coach.

  • Ally Bishop

    Ally Bishop

    Your novel, UPGRADED. Professional editing & publicity you can't publish without. Plus, I make it fun. ^_^ #amwriting #amediting #ASMSG Alter ego: @allyabishop

  • Ellie Stoneley

    Ellie Stoneley

    Mother of one, author of #MilkyMoments book. Blogger at Huff Post. Fan of breastfeeding, local & tech4good. Freelance on projects that make a difference.

  • Aaron D'Errico

    Aaron D'Errico

    Creator of the soccer superhero, “Ammon”, featured in the Emmy winning segment, “The Power Of Imagination”. http://q13fox.com/2013/07/07/son-of-ex-sounders-player-realizes-his-gift-not-with-his-feet-but-his-mind/ http://bit.ly/1RWlMSJ

  • Kerry Cooper

    Kerry Cooper

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